Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers Regina is pleased to offer a variety of merchandise for sale in the community. We choose to support the craftswomen of sub-Saharan Africa by acquiring products from grassroots organizations in Africa, whose members are creating products for sale. The income from the sale of these handcrafted items means that African women can put food on the table and send the children to school.  Other items, such as bags and scarves, are made locally, often by our own talented members. All proceeds from these sales are donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers Campaign.


Children’s Aprons

Bag 1   Bag 2                   

Apron 2   Apron 1                                    


Tribal Textiles in Zambia is proud of its collaboration with the local community. The artistic talents of employees have helped to make the company a global success. Training is provided to employees so that skills can be developed. Education and health support is also provided for employees and their families and a regular wage which keeps the extended family in basic food and support. The company is recognised by fair trade buyers worldwide.

Available currently are:   18” x 18”; children’s aprons 22” long x 18” wide;

Tribal Textiles employs 85 staff from the surrounding community. Traditionally, employment has been generated from subsistence agriculture and more recently through seasonal tourism generated by development of safari and game lodges in and surrounding the South Luangwa National Park. 

Carved Bracelets

Carved Bracelets

These hand cut, carved bracelets are made at The Base Project, Namibia, from discarded PVC water pipe. For men and women, these designs are inspired by wildlife, landscape and tribal history of the region. The  Base Project is committed to fair trade principles, sourcing local materials and supporting community development projects in the region.

Fabric Animals and Bead Jewellery

Animals & Jewellery

Approved by Ontario safety standards, these small fabric animals are stuffed with cotton. The bead jewellery is made from recycled paper, coloured and varnished. Made at Children of Hope, these projects assist slum children and their families in Eastern Uganda by providing free education and healthcare.  Children of Hope also provides to families some numeracy/literacy training, plus business training and some grants for establishing small businesses. 



Through training and employment in making jewellery, Project Have Hope aims to transform the lives of families living in the Acholi area of Uganda. Beads for the jewellery are made from coloured recycled paper, which is cut into long triangles and rolled tightly to create beads.  Beads are varnished for durability and then the beaders select matching hues to create vibrant jewellery. Profits from Project Have Hope jewellery provide education for children and promote business opportunities for women through loans and training programs.


Tote Bags

Table Napkins

Bowl Cozies

Ribbon Necklaces, Infinity Scarves 

Ribbon Necklaces

We have been fortunate to have had upholstery samples, drapery pieces, fabric lengths and a variety of weights of yarn given to us.  Using these donated materials, a committed group of members, who have sewing skills, have gathered periodically for a day of productivity.  These sewing sessions have yielded a substantial inventory of aprons, along with bags of various sizes and types.  Others of our members have created scarves – warm winter ones, elegant accessory ones, and casual ones made from recycled T-shirts.  Thanks to the donated materials, production costs for these locally made articles have been minimal.  Therefore, the Stephen Lewis Foundation has benefitted substantially from the sale of locally produced items.

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