Saskatchewan Region

The Grandmother Regional Liaison Role 

Since 2006, the Grandmothers Campaign has grown in size, reach and sophistication. As a result, a number of regional groupings emerged as a way to coordinate groups’ activities and resources in cities and provinces across Canada. In order to support this continuing development, and in collaboration with grandmothers groups, the role of Regional Liaison was created.

The Grandmother Regional Liaison is a volunteer position whose main purpose is to enhance communication between the Foundation and grandmothers groups in order to strengthen the relationships between: Canadian grandmothers and African Grandmothers; regional networks of Canadian grandmother groups; Canadian grandmothers and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Grandmother Regional Liaisons are Ambassadors for the Foundation – sharing new ideas or project information coming from the Foundation and letting groups know what information, materials and support the Foundation can provide. As a Conduit to the Foundation, the Liaisons provide staff with feedback on regional issues and what is needed to improve the connections and services to the groups in a region; provide guidance to the Foundation during development of Campaign activities and strategies; and help the Foundation identify other grandmothers in the region who may want to work on special initiatives or projects within the Campaign such as: establishing new groups, Speaker’s Bureau, Foundation events, etc. A third aspect of the role is to act as a Liaison between grandmothers groups within their region, helping them to share information and knowledge, co-operate and collaborate.

Saskatchewan is a Region on its own. The Liaison have prepares regular Updates, the purpose of which is to provide members of the Saskatchewan grandmothers groups with news from the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and local Saskatchewan events and initiatives. Click here to view the Updates.